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Her last first day of elementary school …. You’re growing up so fast but I couldn’t be more proud of my little 5th grader 💕👑🎉😁👯

Spur of the moments have struck again ✊😎💕

After an hour and 45 min of being blind folded Here’s to a birthday Surprise you will never forget!!!!! Happy birthday princess . Love you bunches !!!!  (at Magic Kingdom Ferry)
She has no idea where she’s going for a Surprise #birthdaypart2
Natural fam photo ✊

Today marks 19 years you’ve been on this earth and the two with me have been rough but we make do and move on . You’re the only person who knows my life and is up my ass a lot but it’s because you care . You’re my best friend and nothing will ever change that !!! Were in a reationship for best friends 😁 I hope you’re day goes the way you planned because you deserve it . I’d be a lost puppy without you . I love you best friend and enjoy your day . Happy birthday princess 👑💕👏🙌😘💁🎉🎁🙈😎😭😭 @mckenzievelez

Today is 10 years you’ve been walking on this earth and the last two years have been rough but also perfect. You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without you . Were in a relationship that no one will ever break . I hope this day is the best it can ever be because I love you and it’s your day . Happy birthday pwincess . I love you 💕🎉😎👑👏🎁🙌🙈💁 @mckenzievelez

Today is a kickoff to my best friends birthday weekend . We’ve come a long way from the first try out for sting ,till today . This weekend will be nothing but perfect for you . I love you woman and happy birthday weekend . 🎀👑💗💥🎉🎁
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Who wouldn’t want her to be their #wcw 😏